What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is a term for the targeted, measurable, and interactive marketing of your brand, products or services using digital strategy and platforms to reach and convert engagement and impressions into customers. The primary strategy is to promote brands, increase preference and optimize sales through various digital channels, such as social media accounts, or landing pages.

Being a digital marketing and design company allows us to create the best content in-house, which is used to break through the noise of your competition, and news feeds. We increase impressions and engagement by targeting, specifically, your customers online. Don't have a clear idea of who your target users are? We can help you develop the answer. For more information on what we specialize in, see our capabilities below.

Branding & Design

Shaping your brands community starts with a great identity. We help create a unique feel and look consistent with your message. Creating a well-known, well followed brand isn't easy. We utilize beautiful design to create a look that's unique, consistent, and cohesive across all platforms. We work to create lasting impressions on your customers that lead to action. Our team thrives on the excitement of building your brand, and you engage with the largest client base possible.


First things first, it's time to start marketing in the year we live in. That said, with so much chatter to break through it can feel overwhelming trying to reach customers before your competition. Our team targets customers, creates memorable content, and increases engagement on all social platforms. We develop captivating storytelling, and ensure that we working natively in an effort to optimize consumer consumption. We support our social marketing strategy with great design increase user interaction.

web design

We create responsive web design that works on any device your customer's using. We've reached a time where more people are searching for brands on devices than they are desktopsNot to mention we're always looking for the path of least resistance when interacting and searching for what we need and want. We create experiences which give people the power to interact with your brand in whichever way they decide to consume it. Web design not only needs to work great, it needs to represent your brand in the way you would face-to-face


digital STRATEGY

What makes your brand memorable? How is it so well known that people instantly recognize and buy it? A big part of the answer is found in its brand strategy. Creating a brand strategy is important to any company looking to optimize their marketing and design. Pine & Bars believes creating a long, or short-term plan for the development of a successful brand is essential and affects all aspects of a business and is directly connected to consumer needs, emotions, competitive advantage, and purchasing habits. Let us help you create an effective brand strategy that sets you apart from your competition and encourages consumer engagement, and awareness.


Ecommerce Site Development – We partner with two of the leading e-commerce platforms ( and to deliver robust e-commerce solutions.

E-Commerce Enhancements to Grow Sales - Whether you want to add a loyalty program to encourage repeat business, add a product review program, recover lost sales from abandoned shopping carts, or sync your store with Ebay, Amazon, or Google Shopping, we can help grow your online sales.

E-Commerce Coaching – Want to build your own e-store, but need a little guidance? We provide 1-on-1 coaching that makes selling online easy

stills & video

Telling your brands story in a powerful way. With so much chatter to break through, it can feel overwhelming trying to reach your customers before your competition. Our team helps you target customers, create memorable content, and increase their engagement with your product before your competitions. We create storytelling on multiple platforms; native to their specific use to make sure you're creating the best online community possible for your brand. We optimize your SEO (search engine optimization) and digital advertising to increase your websites visibility in search engine, brands presence online, and likelihood of new customers finding you first.